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Future Fest 2019

The grand annual extravaganza, Future Fest, is the celebration of the future - the children. It is a testament that one day their skills, talents and achievements will transform them into leaders of tomorrow and make them responsible global citizens. This two day long gala with four amazing shifts showcases the most spectacular plays, skits, and dance performances by more than 5000 students. The young Presidians will be ready to take you to the world of ultimate entertainment along with focussing and sensitizing all about the issues of global concern. So, fasten your seat belts and gear up to soar high with excitement and euphoria.


Organized in four spectacular shifts, this two day-long celebration promises to showcase impeccable talents of hundreds of confident Prideens. Each shift will be a host of our various branches where our students will give a new definition to entertainment and also a teaser of the revolutionaries of social change that they will become in years to come...

Here’s where you can find which branches will perform during the respective shifts:


S. No. Performances  16.02.2019 17.02.2019
1 Ganesh Vandana Raj Nagar Gurgaon-57 Indirapuram
2 Patriotism, Border Kalyan Vihar
Raj Nagar Gurgaon Indirapuram
3 Drama - The Wish Punjabi Bagh Raj Nagar Gurgaon
4 Ramayana Pitam Pura Mixed Palam Vihar Indirapuram
5 Be what you want-School Song Punjabi Bagh Raj Nagar Gurgaon Indirapuram
6 Western Songs Dwarka-6 Mixed
7 Folk Songs-Festvals Mixed
Vivek Vihar Gurgaon-57 Indirapuram


Presidium is pleased to welcome Mrs. Sudha Gupta, Chairperson Presidium to the two day long annual extravaganza Future Fest 2019. Mrs. Gupta is an impactful parenting expert and an visionary behind this esteemed education institution set up with a desire to transform the future generation with a touch of knowledge. Ma'am was delighted to see the young leaders of tomorrow perform brilliantly with utter confidence. We are heartily thankful for her presence and making this event even more special for the Presidium family.

Dedicated Devotion - Invoking blessings of Lord Ganesha

‘Ganpati Bappa Morya!’ What a better way to begin the grand fest of Presidium than by invoking the blessings of the Almighty. The young leaders of tomorrow performed gracefully on popular bollywood songs dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The energy and enthusiasm captivated the audience.

Fearless Patriotism - An ode to brave soldiers of our country

‘They gave their tomorrow for our today.’ Let’s salute the brave soldiers of the country who sacrifice their everything as they guard our frontiers and protect our sovereignty. The energetic moves and the patriotic songs infused every heart with the feeling of pride and nationalism.

Be what you want to be - Children performing on their School Song

Presidium always stands by its motto and encourage our young leaders of tomorrow to ‘be what they want to be’. Keeping with this spirit, students performed a beautifully on the School Songs. The pride and delight was clearly visible on everyone’s faces.

Dramatization of Epic - Ramayana - Majestic Performance

‘Siya Var Ram Chandra Ki Jai!’ The auspicious era of ‘Ram Rajya’ was brought to stage by the students as they performed Ramayana depicting the life of Lord Rama. the high on confidence acting performances created an atmosphere of devotion and purity!

Western Dance Performance - Children performing on English pop songs

Dancing is one of the most fun and easy way to show, share and spread joy and happiness. With an aim to spread cheer and make everyone groove in their streets, young Presidians danced to the lively beats on English pop songs. The graceful and energetic moves mesmerized one and all!

The Wish - Children performing on the issue of Global Warming

The emerging leaders of tomorrow took the charge of sensitising people about the problem of Global Warming. With an innovative and interesting dramatization, Presidians showcased the biggest threat to the world. The performance ended on a positive note with the students providing simple solutions and pledging to save the earth.

CELEBRATION OF FESTIVALS OF INDIA - Children performing on songs of various Festivals

India is a land of unity and diversity and this if felt with all the festivals we Indians celebrate. Presidians took to the stage and performed on songs of various festival showcasing brotherhood and harmony that prevails in the nation. The wonderful performance enthralled everyone present in the auditorium!


The premises of Siri Fort Auditorium was filled with huge cheer and applause as the talented Presidians came up the stage to anchor the Future Fest 2019 with full confidence. They held the audience captive with their profound diction, charming antics and witty one-liners. The fluency of speech and distinct stage present of these warm hosts amused the audience with a sense of delight and connect with the celebration!

Celebrating Humanity - Sparsh students performing

The Future Fest 2019 of Presidium would have been incomplete without the special performance of the Sparsh students. The energetic moves and dynamic stage presence of the special children infused the auditorium with an unparalleled enthusiasm and happiness.

Shakti Girls Performance - A dance performance by the indomitable Shakti girls

A spectacular performance by the dynamic Shakti girls added to the charm of the Future Fest 2019. A dance on the foot tapping music by the girls energized the whole auditorium as everyone gave a thunderous round of applause for the wonderful performance.

Photo Gallery

The young leaders of tomorrow created beautiful memories while weaving their magic, we capture those special moments. This beautiful moments have been registered in the golden book of memories. Scroll below for the best shots of the gala event!