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1. Parent Teacher Meeting: 
A Parent Teacher Meeting will be held in the month of December. Presidium Senior Secondary School organizes such meetings not only to keep the parents informed about the progress of children but also to help them understand the child's needs. 

2. Christmas Carnival: 
A fun filled carnival will be held in the month of December. It will be a day full of fun, masti and dhamal for the rock stars of Presidium Senior Secondary School. The show stealers will be our multi- talented Presidians. 

3. Assembly: 

Topics to Be Shared

a) World Disability Day: Children will understand how millions of children in the world suffer from disabilities and how they can make a difference in their life. Through a special assembly children will be sensitized to give love, acceptance and joy to special children with disabilities. A video of Sparsh children may be shown to sensitize the children. A talk on a special school which has been created for these children can be initiated. Children can be encouraged to buy the room fresheners and chocolates and thereby contribute towards the well being of these children.

b) World Pollution Day: Would be observed on 10th Dec' 10. A special assembly would be held to sensitize and create awareness about the hazards of pollution and the simple measures that we as responsible citizens can take towards eradication of this problem. Later children can view a Smart Board Presentation on Pollution and its Prevention. 

c) Wright Brothers Day: Would be celebrated on 16th Dec' 10. Children will learn more about these inspired brothers who were Unstoppable in their actions and created History by inventing the very first Airplane. Children will dramatize the story of 'Wright Brothers' and fly their very own Origami Gliders.

4. Holidays  
* 17th Dec.'10 on account of Moharram  
* 25th Dec.'10 on account of Christmas  
* 31st Dec. - 9th Jan.'11 on account of Winter Break



Thousands of parents got answers to their existing parenting problems at Parenting Seminars organized by Sudha Gupta, honorable Chairperson Mother’s Pride and Presidium and a renowned parenting expert in the month of August and September. Parents, who were clueless about dealing with issues related to raising children, got the mantras to see their child lead a happy, successful and powerful life through positive parenting. These Positive Parenting tips are the words of wisdom which comes in handy and guides you towards becoming an accomplished parent.

‘Positive Parenting’ has been an important part of Mother’s Pride and Presidium curriculum. This was the fifth consecutive year for parenting seminar and like every year, this year too it received an amazing response. Thousands of parents benefitted from these seminars. The main agenda of this seminar was to provide all parents with a ‘new realization of being a parent’. And this was successfully achieved at the seminar and many parents found it to be a turning point of their relationship with their children.

This seminar was able to provide an insight of how the environment of family influences the child and what you can do to help him/her grow into a stronger emotional, physical and social person. Also, it focused on the fact that –how parent’s every action shapes child’s mind and much more. The seminar influenced parents to such an extent that they felt like conveying their problems to Sudha Gupta. Plenty of parents publically shared their parenting experiences and problems at the seminar. On the whole, the seminar gave solutions to all the issues that parents were battling with ranging from discipline to tantrums. Further, it inspired all parents to create moments of love with their child and garner support to him whenever he requires, also to empower your child in a way, where life fetches him and you inner joy and peace.

Mother’s Pride and Presidium family strongly believes that a happy child is a result of happy parents. Thus for an overall development of a child, it’s necessary for the parents to learn and inculcate positive parenting in bringing up their child. Not only this will create a harmonious environment in the family but will create a better future for the child.

Parents of Mother’s Pride and Presidium, those who attended Parenting seminar this year were successfully equipped with positive parenting tips and they looked forward for attending more such parenting seminars next year. Those of you, who were left out and could not attend seminars this year, do make a point to attend them next year, so that you can grow into a happier and fulfilled parent.



The much awaited event of the year, Presidium Annual day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and high spirits. Presidium organized the celebration on 18th, 19th and 20th of November at Siri Fort auditorium. The mega event was graced by eminent guests including Sh. Anurag Thakur, National President, BJYM; Sh. Ismail Darbar, Renowned Musician & Sh. Vijender Gupta, President, BJP Delhi. The event was organized in support of our NGO, Sparsh working for the upliftment of the underprivileged sections of the society.

Almost 8500 students participated and showcased their talents with utmost confidence. Their vibrant energy, exceptional performances, colorful and resplendent costumes, and the sky high confidence filled the auditorium with applaud and left the audience mesmerized.

This year’s theme of the Annual Day 'I am because I aim' was beautifully conveyed by the spectacular performances prepared by our 10 extraordinary academies. The major highlights of the evening were the western and Indian dance performances. Children showed their Jazz and Samba moves on the stage leaving the audience wanting for more. Showcasing our culture and heritage were the beautiful Indian dance forms. Depicting our students love for the country, a patriotic performance ‘I Stand for India’ was choreographed which brought tears into the eyes of many nation lovers sitting in the audience. The sequential performances gave a feeling of a carnival filled with colors of enthusiasm and happiness. The audience was spell bound by their inspirational performances and cheered the participants. 

The performance by special children of Savera Special School and Presidians was a beautiful amalgamation of our stand to Raise the Humanity and conveyed that this annual day was not just about celebration but a dedication towards humanity. A cheque of Rs 51lacswas presented for the noble cause to Sparsh on behalf of the entire Presidium family.

The entire event was a manifestation of the outstanding work done by our 10 Academies. To name a few; Theatre Academy, Dance Academy, and Music Academy for the entertaining performances, Adventure and Sport’s Academy gave a thrilling presentation, I.T Academy for technical support mainly recording and editing, Innovation and Creativity Academy for the beautiful stage set up and stage properties, Management Academy for the flawless management and Mass Communication Academy for the engaging anchoring.

Mrs. Sudha Gupta, renowned Parenting expert and Chairperson of Presidium expressed her excitement by saying, “Our school has established itself as one of the topmost schools in Delhi/NCR in just 5 years. This wouldn’t have been possible without the passion, dedication and commitment of the entire team of Presidium, especially the teachers and the trust and support of our parents and grandparents. I thank all for making Presidium what it is today.”

The event was a grand success o it brought happiness, tears, laughter and joy to our parents, watch their child perform before a huge crowd. Parents and grandparents were overwhelmed by the show they cheered and applauded throughout the event. The mesmerized expression on their faces was a beautiful sight.

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To appreciate and honor noteworthy endeavors of Marvel Group workforce, an annual awards Party was organized at Siri Fort Auditorium. 

This year as well enthusiasm amongst the guests was at its peak. The whole auditorium looked pulsating with the presence of cheerleaders with their props, who whistled and encouraged every performance. The highlights of the whole program were wonderful comparers who truly entertained and engaged audience well. 

The event kicked off with interesting presentation by our honorable Chairperson, Mrs Sudha Gupta, who enlightened everyone about the progress of Marvel Group with its successful ventures in various fields of education, hospitality, healthcare, infrastructure and more. The aim and vision of the group was much applauded by everyone and each of them present declared to give their best for further expansion of the group. 

Also, on the occasion, Mrs Sudha Gupta commented, “Our staff are all extraordinary and their loyalty, dedication and hard work in all areas is greatly appreciated.”

Further, the event continued with the awards and accolades on various segments such as business, academics, administration, IT, accounts, and more. Also the individual brands under Marvel Group such as Presidium, Mother’s Pride, Adiva, Sparsh and The Knowledge Tree were equally awarded for their efforts to enlarge Marvel family to the great levels. Along with that, there were several awards for I-Rise, Best Profiles, and more.

There were breathtaking performances in the event that thrilled audiences completely. Talented dancers from Presidium and Mother’s Pride branches participated. There were awards for best dancing performance as well. Another, highlight was 3-D show of the Presidium signature magazine which will be India’s first 3D brochure. It showcased Presidium’s outstanding children. 

All together, the awards party was a hit. It was a power-packed day with fun-filled memories, lip-smacking food and series of appreciations and awards. The event had something for every person and certainly it left everyone feelin' marvelous.



Marvel Group makes its debut in the hospitality industry through Art of Curry, a complete new-concept banquet hall which aims to cater family events, launch parties, corporate meetings, etc. Flaunting its exquisite décor, mouth watering food, pleasing music, and high class service standards, Art of Curry will bring a new age experience in the catering industry. Here we don’t organize your events but aim to make them memorable and special for each person present.
With an aim to introduce the new venture to the entire group, a corporate party was held on 26th September, 2011 especially for the Mother’s Pride and Presidium staff members. It was an honor to be a part of such a grand project started by the group. Sudha Gupta, honorable Chairperson Mother’ Pride and Presidium, addressed and appreciated the entire team of Art of Curry including Ms Sarita Sayal for her unconditional efforts, Out of the Box for their extraordinary creative theme and many more for making this venture a success. She also talked about the growing business statistics and prospects. All we could hear in return was the satisfaction and honor the organization has brought amongst the staff members. The team spirit and zeal were quite visible on every individual’s expression while they were appreciating their colleagues and team-mates.

The soothing aura of the place got everyone in the party swirl and people were seen relishing the yummy snacks & drinks and tip toeing on the lively music played by the DJ. Sudha Mam and Anil Sir were amongst the first to step on the stage showcasing their dynamicity and high spirits. Their participation encouraged the rest of the members to shake a leg or two. The dancing session was followed by lip-smacking food which had a variety of mughlai dishes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The tempting food surely made the day and the event complete as people were all praises about the place.

The ultimate ambience and the hospitable service of the place is something to applaud for. Art of Curry surely depicts an art of making people feel special when they invest their time and money to celebrate their important occasions with us.



45 Presidians visited The Vidhan Sabha and witnessed the question hour of the house. Dr. Kiran Walia was being questioned about the Widow Pension Policy and Citizen Charter.

The students were then taken on a round of The Vidhan Sabha and treated to high tea. They interviewed the Deputy speaker and discussed at length with him about how MLA is elected accompanied by a photo session with him before they parted. There could not have been a better way to learn about the role and structure of The Vidhan Sabha.



Curriculum for Being
Transformation of children through the Curriculum for Being is beginning to show signs. Children having accepted their fears are learning to muster courage to overcome them. They now understand why and how to nurture human bonding. There have been many such discoveries and realizations for children.

In the coming month, children will focus on their relationship with themselves. Through the project 'Being Loving', children will introspect and find out what they love about themselves and what they wish to change. Through activities, children will delve deeper into their mind to understand their feelings and eventually accept themselves with all their strengths and weaknesses.

Clubs and Academies
The Clubs and Academies of Presidium Senior Secondary School will showcase the skills and talents of Presidians in the grand 'Annual Day' celebrations to be held in February. The whole event will be organized by the students of Management Academy. The budding anchors from the Mass Communication Academy will host the show along with their teachers. Each Academy will present a unique innovative idea for which students will rigorously practice with their teachers and respective Academy facilitator.

New Year Bash: Students will welcome 2011 with their teachers and friends by holding a New Year party in January, 2011. After all the fun, children will make resolutions about what they want to accomplish in this year. They will share their resolutions in their class and with you.

Lohri Celebration: Children will have a glimpse of Lohri, the festival of Punjab that is synonymous with bonfire, popcorns, dhol and bhangra. Students will understand how the farmers celebrate the time of harvest by rejoicing together as one big family. 

Republic Day Celebration: The National Flag will be unfurled and the whole Presidium will be adorned in saffron, white and green colour on Republic Day. Parade by students of each of the six clubs will be highlight of the day. Presidians will take a pledge in any one area of their choice where they can and will create a difference to their nation.



Mother's Pride has always set highest benchmarks in the industry and this time around we are proud to contribute to India's Pride by winning Gold Award at Cannes Lions, France, in design category for the brochure 'Love Blossom Here', the biggest award in the World.

Out of the Box, an in-house ad agency of Mother's Pride designed the over scale brochure depicting the ideology of a child. The brochure looks like a book based on the idea that when you are a kid everything looks big.

The jury took a unanimous decision stating that they were highly impressed by the creativity shown by 'Out of the Box' and the brochure was beautifully laid down capturing every child's psychology.



The Academic Excellence Fair is one of its kind annual event of Presidium Senior Secondary School which showcases the academic achievements of the students during the session. The grand event gives the students an ideal platform to explore, express and exhibit their knowledge, talents and life skills. The students representing their clubs, namely Legends, Maestro, Leaders, Elites, Victors and Supreme Clubs, present innovative ideas on different subjects. The students brain storm, create and present their work with the support if experts of the ten academies of Presidium especially the Innovation and Creativity Academy, Sports Academy, the Management Academy. All the students are involved in the planning, execution and presentation of the Academic Excellence Fair.

In the month of November, Academic Excellence Fair was arranged in Presidiums wherein students presented a kaleidoscope of activities for the parents and special invitees. The children showcased - dances of different regions, a live orchestra and a street play on ‘Save Environment’. Parents and children alike enjoyed the experience of creating their own pottery at the pottery corner or creating decorative craft items all of which, could be taken back home with them. The presentation on the Curriculum of Being was unique and greatly appreciated. Some of the most popular exhibits were those on - the Solar System and the NASA, while the IT Zone left all visitors inspired. In the language section, 3D depictions of iconic children’s stories and rhymes were a spectacular sight. The exhibits also had an interactive element to them through games like- ‘Mind-boggling’, ‘Number Cruncher’, ‘Weave-a-Story’, Do-It-Yourself experiments, etc. to name a few.

The students and parents were excited and inspired to see the chairperson Sudha Gupta, who with her charm and presence of mind won all alike and had the children vying for her attention. True to her persona, she made sure that no student was left unheard. 



Celebrating the culmination of a year of amazing work, Marvel Group hosted the awards party at Siri Fort auditorium to acknowledge the wonderful efforts of all the people who have made a difference. The red carpet welcome to the guests was nothing less than an all celebrity Oscar’s award party. Walking on the red carpet already gave an idea of the Big Bang in stored for the day.

Much like every year, the enthusiasm amongst the guests was commendable and gave a new spirit into the aura of the auditorium. The cheerleaders with their props and whistles and our wonderful comparers made sure that the audience was entertained and engaged.

Presidium is a school where teaching is about nurturing the future for tomorrow and while catering our students, our teachers and staff members play a precious role. This is the time to rejoice all the efforts and appreciate their work.

The event started with an interesting presentation by honorable Mrs Sudha Gupta educating all present about the growing graph of Marvel Group in various avenues of education, hospitality, healthcare, infrastructure and more. The aims and visionary of the group is much to applaud for and gave a proud feeling to everyone associated with it. The event continued with the awards and accolades on various segments such as business, academics, administration, IT, accounts, and more. Also the individual brands under Marvel Group such as Adiva, Sparsh and The Knowledge Tree were equally awarded for their efforts to extend the Marvel family to various levels.

Best branch trophy Presidium in All around performance came to Ashok Vihar branch.
Other awarded branches were Indirapuram and Dwarka for Outstanding performance and Appreciation.

Best branch trophy Mother’s Pride in All around performance came in the kitty of Dwarka and Punjabi Bagh.
Other awarded branches were Deepali, Dwarka , Model town and Gurgoan in individual categories of academics, business development, Finance Management, etc.

Best branch trophy Junior in All around performance was awarded to Narela branch.
Other awarded branches were Indirapuram, Rajouri Garden and Krishna Nagar in individual categories of academics, business development, administration, etc.

There were several awards for I-Rise, Long service awards (10 year completion), Best Profiles, and many more. Our anchors kept the momentum and brought a new thrill with their engaging conversations. All this was accompanied with the breathtaking performances by our talented dancers from different Presidium and Mother’s Pride branches, which raised the entertainment quotient manifolds. The best dance performance trophy came in the kitty of Mothers Pride Noida-61.

There was a heart touching performance by the children of Sparsh, an NGO who danced and sang on their favorite music under the guidance of their care-takers. It was an experience which will forever remain in the memories of all, with these little angels making everyone proud and honored for being a human and for being associated with a brand who works for the upliftment of the society.

Stage was set for the Fashion Show organized by ‘The Knowledge Tree’ training academy which brought the spirits of everyone to a new high; the beautiful divas walking the ramp made the event a success. The healthy competition shown by the participants made it difficult for the judges to decide the winner. No wonder “How can you choose beauty, when every woman is beautiful her own way”.

The judges chose Miss Knowledge Tree - as Priyanka Aggarwal from Anand Vihar 
It was all the more special for our aspirants at The Knowledge Tree, it was also the convocation day for the current session and their education with ‘The Knowledge Tree’ training academy; and it was time to step into the world of their own with the learning and skills acquired in the academy. It was another league trained and set free to bring about the transformation of education. Everyone was awarded with their certificates by Mrs Sudha Gupta who profoundly looked proud looking at our uniquely trained batch.

It was all the more special for our aspirants at The Knowledge Tree, it was also the convocation day for the current session and their education with ‘The Knowledge Tree’ training academy; and it was time to step into the world of their own with the learning and skills acquired in the academy. It was another league trained and set free to bring about the transformation of education. Everyone was awarded with their certificates by Mrs Sudha Gupta who profoundly looked proud looking at our uniquely trained batch.

Everything was beautifully taken care of from decorations to arrangements and as the humongous celebration came to an end, it left the memories of another beautiful evening in the lives of many and raised the hopes for many more to come.



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March 2019
Holi Celebration

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