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Education for life

One of the renowned online schools in India, Presidium, imparts education to enable students not just to earn a livelihood but also prepare them for success in life. This holistic approach is what we call ‘Education for Life,’ which encompasses three important aspects namely academics, life skills and talents.

Presidium Online Classes

Student Acknowledgement Ceremonies

Our honourable Chairperson, Mrs. Sudha Gupta believes in boosting the confidence of students by recognising their exceptional talents and achievements in diverse fields such as academics, sports and art. A formal ceremony is organised regularly for honouring the young achievers of Presidium.

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Mrs. Sudha Gupta

Message from Chairperson

As somebody once said, nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. Presidium, we believe, is one such idea.

The school is founded on the belief that children should be encouraged to dream, and passionately pursue their dreams. We work towards opening their minds, help them identify their interests and aspirations, and nourish their individual talents...

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