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Presidians had a day of merriment and enjoyment celebrating the festival of colors. The whole school was decked up in the holi theme with colorful decorations across the school premise and the participating students were seen all dressed up in colorful attractive attires. The school organized a cultural program with loads of dance and music on the thrilling festival songs which filled the atmosphere with zeal of joy and celebrations. All the students seemed excited and joyous seeing the performances on stage.

As a festival of victory of good over evil, Presidians prepared beautiful performances depicting the Krishna-Radha holi celebration and other spiritual acts to convey the message to the audience. The main attraction was the ‘Matka-breaking ceremony’ which is an ideal way of celebrating holi in the western part of India.

The band of Presidian sung their melodious tunes wishing happiness and success to all this Holi. The whole event was a tremendous success as the colors of Holi filled the school with happiness and laughter all around.


On 22nd March 2014, students and teachers of Grade 12th of Presidium, Ashok Vihar got the golden opportunity to visit the Parliament Museum and Library. They were shown an enlightening documentary about Indian Freedom Struggle and various portraits of the freedom fighters. It was a mesmerizing experience that helped inculcate patriotic feelings in them.
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It was the time to test the sportsman spirit! Every year Sports Day is celebrated at Presidium with great zeal and enthusiasm. A large number of students participated in the games. The athletic meet gave chance to students to test their skills and compete with each other in variety of events. The event saw young Sachins and Sanias come out on the field and perform their best. The participants took keen interest in all the events and participated enthusiastically.

The sports field was thoroughly prepared for the occasion. Victory stands were decked up and eagerly waited for the winners to mount.

The sports competitions began in earnest. There were a few track events, like the 100 meters and the 4x100 meters relay and other races such as potato race, spoon race, sack race, the blind fold race and the three legged race. Shot-Put, Discus Throw, the Javelin Throw, and Hammer Throw were also held.

Students cheered and applauded all participants. Winners were awarded Medals and Trophies by Mrs Sudha Gupta, Chairperson Presidium and Mother’s Pride. The thrill, the excitement, and the pleasure of winning were most memorable moments of the event.

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Presidium, one of the best schools of the country celebrated its Annual day at Siri Fort Auditorium from 29th November to 2nd December. This event was dedicated in support of Sparsh, its NGO which works towards the welfare of the underprivileged. To grace the mega event renowned personalities including Former Deputy Prime Minister, Shri L.K Advani Ji , Minister of Urban Development and Revenue, Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely and Former Indian Federal Minister, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, marked their esteemed presence. Mrs. Sudha Gupta, Chairperson of Presidium and Mothers Pride and Chief mentor of Sparsh presented a cheque of Rs 51 lacs in support of the cause on behalf of the entire Presidium family. These funds will be dedicated to make each special child of Savera Special School, independent and self reliant. This year annual days theme Teachers Touch was dedicated to Teachers and aimed at creating the leaders of tomorrow. Around 20,000 parents and grandparents witnessed the spectacular performances. The Presidium Academies actively participated to make the event a success. While, The Rhythm of the Soul and Eight Note Academies created magic through their dancing and singing performances; Out of the Box & The Next Academies took the charge to manage the stage. However, the big credit goes to The House of Lord Academy for managing the entire event. The exemplary performances by Presidians left everyone awestruck as they performed confidently on the stage. Their vibrant costumes added spark to the incredible performances which immensely fascinated the audience. There are many things that make Presidium a school like no other - including its Curriculum, Pedagogy, Clubs and Academies. It is based on the philosophy Be what you want to be and strongly believes that teachers, more than anybody else, shape the destiny of the next generation. Therefore, through this event Presidium honors these contributors that put in efforts to raise the future leaders. In all, the event was a splendid success that left beautiful impressions in the minds of parents and grandparents who attended the event and experienced bouquet of emotions of happiness, tears, laughter and joy.
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A two-day sexuality education workshop was organized for teachers of Presidium Senior Secondary School on 24th and 25th of January to understand the various aspects of sexual education in school. The meet was presided over by TARSHI (Talking about Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues) which works on creating a broader public understanding about reproductive and sexual health issues. The workshop aimed at providing comprehensive sexuality education to teachers so that the teachers are trained to organize and answer various queries or concerns of students in school. As a part of Presidium Life Skills Curriculum which lays special emphasis on becoming ‘Champions of Change’, it was essential for teachers to understand the skills of handling these changes in the student.

Discussions on day- one began with expectation setting round, where questions and aspects related to sexuality were delved into. It was followed by brainstorming session where words associated with sexuality were identified and talked about. This exercise was performed in order to arrive at a common definition of sexuality. Further, members of TARSHI explained to teachers about sexual orientation and why it shouldn’t be the basis of defining a person’s personality. Several other related doubts were also clarified by the group. At the end of the day, teachers were presented with the ‘orange book’, which is a teacher’s workbook on sexuality. Out of 28 exercises mentioned in the book, teachers performed one. It educated them that sexuality is related to health, psychological, biological as well as social aspect.

On day-two, discussions concentrated on providing sexual education to youngsters. Teachers were given tips on – how to talk about sexuality with teenage students? They also explained importance and role of school in acknowledging sexual education as an important part of school’s curriculum. Also, explained the need of inviting experts and external agencies to conduct regular and on-going sexuality education sessions with various age-group / classes.

To sum it up, workshop was well designed and it dealt with almost all related issues. It proved to be very insightful for teachers, who are empowered to guide students on the subject.



Presidium Senior Secondary School organized the much awaited Christmas carnival which was the most sought after Christmas party in town for children. The Christmas festive spirit was at the hilt at the carnival. There was unlimited fun, excitement and loads of merrymaking at the fest.

Spread across two days, the carnival was celebrated at different branches of Presidium School. On 24th December (Saturday), the celebrations took place in Presidium – Indirapuram, Ashok Vihar, and Dwarka- 16B and on 25th December (Sunday), the gala event continued at– Presidium Indirapuram, Ashok Vihar, and Gurgaon-57.

The carnival gave an open invitation to not only the parents but the extended family and friends of Mother’s Pride and Presidium children, thus thousands of parents marked their presence with their near and dear ones at the carnival. There was something in stored for everyone; children and adults indulged together in several fun-filled activities enjoying the grand festive celebration.

The premises of the school were beautifully decorated in white and red Christmas theme. The carnival featured engaging and interesting activities and games like magic show, tattoo making, thrilling games like shooting and tambola, adventurous sports like flying fox, rappelling, non-stop foot tapping music, joy rides and slides, etc for visitors of every age group. Santa Clauses on the ground danced on the Christmas tunes with children and distributed free candies to them. Some of the highlights of the carnival were drummers, jugglers, stilt walkers and bell ringers.

The real show stealers were the dynamic performances of Presidium and Mother’s Pride children. Presidium’s in-house choir group song and played Christmas carols, a must to complete Christmas celebration. There were other exciting performances by students, who enthralled everyone with their grooves and moves.

There were also mouthwatering and lip-smacking foods available at the food stalls. It offered variety of cuisines to the food lovers’ including mughlai, Italian, Fast food, Dominos Pizzas, etc. The food options surely satisfied the digestive thrill of everyone grabbing their favorites from the stalls. Visitors also enjoyed shopping at varied stalls under the basking sun. DJ playing at the background added some more fun for the children and parents.

Altogether, it was a fun-filled day for the entire Marvel family where parents and children enjoyed the Christmas fiesta.

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Presidium Senior Secondary School organizes trips for the students to the places of cultural and historical significance. These trips are excellent means for providing combined learning and fun to students, thereby offering unparalleled learning experience to them. Recently, Presidians of class IV and V visited Choki Dhani, which is a well recreated Rajasthani village on the outskirts of Jaipur.

The students were well escorted by their teachers, who not only ensured their well being and safety but also participated in the fun-filled experience with the students. On their way to Choki Dhani, they stopped over at Amer Fort, which is set on the dry wrinkled Aravali Hills, and is surrounded by fortified battlements. The fort reflected the blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. The students were thrilled to see amazing Jaigarh Cannon, which is the largest in the world. Finally, students reached Choki Dhani and were exuberant to see its ethnic culture and tradition. Further, they explored Choki Dhani’s rustic ambience, colorful Rajasthani culture and its tribal art. They saw live folk dance of Rajasthan and even participated in it. They also enjoyed camel rides. The hotel rooms where students stayed were well furnished and reflected the ambience of rustic village of Rajasthan.

On the 2nd day, students visited the City Palace and the Jantar Mantar, where after exploring the place, students posed lot of questions to their teachers. Also, they relished the authentic Rajasthani vegetarian cuisine, which included dal –bati churma, gatte ki sabji, khichda, bura, ker sangria etc. The food was served on the leaf platter in typical Rajasthani style. While returning back, they stopped to shop and bought souvenirs and mementos for their family members and friends.

To sum it up, Choki Dhani’s sheer simplicity and beauty mesmerized one and all. It truly provided an unforgettable experience to students.



1. Parent Teacher Meeting: 
A Parent Teacher Meeting will be held in the month of December. Presidium Senior Secondary School organizes such meetings not only to keep the parents informed about the progress of children but also to help them understand the child's needs. 

2. Christmas Carnival: 
A fun filled carnival will be held in the month of December. It will be a day full of fun, masti and dhamal for the rock stars of Presidium Senior Secondary School. The show stealers will be our multi- talented Presidians. 

3. Assembly: 

Topics to Be Shared

a) World Disability Day: Children will understand how millions of children in the world suffer from disabilities and how they can make a difference in their life. Through a special assembly children will be sensitized to give love, acceptance and joy to special children with disabilities. A video of Sparsh children may be shown to sensitize the children. A talk on a special school which has been created for these children can be initiated. Children can be encouraged to buy the room fresheners and chocolates and thereby contribute towards the well being of these children.

b) World Pollution Day: Would be observed on 10th Dec' 10. A special assembly would be held to sensitize and create awareness about the hazards of pollution and the simple measures that we as responsible citizens can take towards eradication of this problem. Later children can view a Smart Board Presentation on Pollution and its Prevention. 

c) Wright Brothers Day: Would be celebrated on 16th Dec' 10. Children will learn more about these inspired brothers who were Unstoppable in their actions and created History by inventing the very first Airplane. Children will dramatize the story of 'Wright Brothers' and fly their very own Origami Gliders.

4. Holidays  
* 17th Dec.'10 on account of Moharram  
* 25th Dec.'10 on account of Christmas  
* 31st Dec. - 9th Jan.'11 on account of Winter Break



Thousands of parents got answers to their existing parenting problems at Parenting Seminars organized by Sudha Gupta, honorable Chairperson Mother’s Pride and Presidium and a renowned parenting expert in the month of August and September. Parents, who were clueless about dealing with issues related to raising children, got the mantras to see their child lead a happy, successful and powerful life through positive parenting. These Positive Parenting tips are the words of wisdom which comes in handy and guides you towards becoming an accomplished parent.

‘Positive Parenting’ has been an important part of Mother’s Pride and Presidium curriculum. This was the fifth consecutive year for parenting seminar and like every year, this year too it received an amazing response. Thousands of parents benefitted from these seminars. The main agenda of this seminar was to provide all parents with a ‘new realization of being a parent’. And this was successfully achieved at the seminar and many parents found it to be a turning point of their relationship with their children.

This seminar was able to provide an insight of how the environment of family influences the child and what you can do to help him/her grow into a stronger emotional, physical and social person. Also, it focused on the fact that –how parent’s every action shapes child’s mind and much more. The seminar influenced parents to such an extent that they felt like conveying their problems to Sudha Gupta. Plenty of parents publically shared their parenting experiences and problems at the seminar. On the whole, the seminar gave solutions to all the issues that parents were battling with ranging from discipline to tantrums. Further, it inspired all parents to create moments of love with their child and garner support to him whenever he requires, also to empower your child in a way, where life fetches him and you inner joy and peace.

Mother’s Pride and Presidium family strongly believes that a happy child is a result of happy parents. Thus for an overall development of a child, it’s necessary for the parents to learn and inculcate positive parenting in bringing up their child. Not only this will create a harmonious environment in the family but will create a better future for the child.

Parents of Mother’s Pride and Presidium, those who attended Parenting seminar this year were successfully equipped with positive parenting tips and they looked forward for attending more such parenting seminars next year. Those of you, who were left out and could not attend seminars this year, do make a point to attend them next year, so that you can grow into a happier and fulfilled parent.



The much awaited event of the year, Presidium Annual day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and high spirits. Presidium organized the celebration on 18th, 19th and 20th of November at Siri Fort auditorium. The mega event was graced by eminent guests including Sh. Anurag Thakur, National President, BJYM; Sh. Ismail Darbar, Renowned Musician & Sh. Vijender Gupta, President, BJP Delhi. The event was organized in support of our NGO, Sparsh working for the upliftment of the underprivileged sections of the society.

Almost 8500 students participated and showcased their talents with utmost confidence. Their vibrant energy, exceptional performances, colorful and resplendent costumes, and the sky high confidence filled the auditorium with applaud and left the audience mesmerized.

This year’s theme of the Annual Day 'I am because I aim' was beautifully conveyed by the spectacular performances prepared by our 10 extraordinary academies. The major highlights of the evening were the western and Indian dance performances. Children showed their Jazz and Samba moves on the stage leaving the audience wanting for more. Showcasing our culture and heritage were the beautiful Indian dance forms. Depicting our students love for the country, a patriotic performance ‘I Stand for India’ was choreographed which brought tears into the eyes of many nation lovers sitting in the audience. The sequential performances gave a feeling of a carnival filled with colors of enthusiasm and happiness. The audience was spell bound by their inspirational performances and cheered the participants. 

The performance by special children of Savera Special School and Presidians was a beautiful amalgamation of our stand to Raise the Humanity and conveyed that this annual day was not just about celebration but a dedication towards humanity. A cheque of Rs 51lacswas presented for the noble cause to Sparsh on behalf of the entire Presidium family.

The entire event was a manifestation of the outstanding work done by our 10 Academies. To name a few; Theatre Academy, Dance Academy, and Music Academy for the entertaining performances, Adventure and Sport’s Academy gave a thrilling presentation, I.T Academy for technical support mainly recording and editing, Innovation and Creativity Academy for the beautiful stage set up and stage properties, Management Academy for the flawless management and Mass Communication Academy for the engaging anchoring.

Mrs. Sudha Gupta, renowned Parenting expert and Chairperson of Presidium expressed her excitement by saying, “Our school has established itself as one of the topmost schools in Delhi/NCR in just 5 years. This wouldn’t have been possible without the passion, dedication and commitment of the entire team of Presidium, especially the teachers and the trust and support of our parents and grandparents. I thank all for making Presidium what it is today.”

The event was a grand success o it brought happiness, tears, laughter and joy to our parents, watch their child perform before a huge crowd. Parents and grandparents were overwhelmed by the show they cheered and applauded throughout the event. The mesmerized expression on their faces was a beautiful sight.

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December 2018
World Disability Day

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Sub Junior & State Taekwondo Championship

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Christmas Carnival

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