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Presidium curriculum crosses international borders

Presidium proves the adage, 'learning needs no boundaries'! As a part of the Cultural Exchange Programme, a team of facilitators from Darrick Wood Jr. School, Kent, London, UK; visited Presidium. The purpose of the interactive session was to familiarize the visiting team with the teaching methodology and curriculum of Presidium. The facilitators interacted with young Presidians, exchanged presentations and explored various classes covered under Presidium's extensive curriculum. Impressed by Presidium's vision and mission, they acknowledged our philosophy of 'Wonderful Learning', which focuses on developing life skills in children, and their holistic development. 


Presidium Citation Ceremony to honor the first batch of leaders - the Grade XII Presidians as they move ahead to excel in new ventures.
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Yet another shining moment for Presidium! Our young leaders are the first and the only school team who participated in the world's oldest, largest and most prestigious MUN, 'New York Model United Nations'. Young Presidians attended the MUN as student delegates. The program was sponsored by the government of USA. Around 3000 students from various universities around the world participated in the program.

National Model United Nations or 'NMUN' is the largest and the most distinguished college level Model United Nations in the world, held every year in New York. Conceptualized in 1923, it is one of the oldest (approx. 92 years old) international educational programs based on the model of United Nations.

NMUN is organized by the National Collegiate Conference Association (NCCA), a nonprofit educational organization. The rules and procedure of NMUN have been adopted from actual UN rules. The uniqueness of this program lies in the multiple resolutions that are framed by the student delegate committees and the resolutions which are successfully passed go to the respective resolved committees in UN. The program was conducted inside the United Nations Headquarters, this is indeed a historic moment for Presidium!

Presidians are going great guns! Our leaders in the making, attended the world's largest and most prestigious NMUN at New York, a platform where countries of the world come together to negotiate and solve international crisis situations. Our young Siana, conveys her thoughts beautifully and says, "NMUN is a powerful experience for our Montessori young people to come together to listen, negotiate, collaborate and then offer solutions to some of our planets most pressing problems. This programme is an important step towards achieving our vision of educating world for peace." For her "NMUN is not just any extracurricular activity, it's a course of leadership, a manner of development, a path to a finer world - it's a way of life. NMUN has changed and transformed my life in all possible ways, it has not only helped me shape myself as an effective MUNer but also as an individual -it has certainly brought some radical changes in my life."

Prarthita gives us an interesting anecdote about NMUN. She says that she noticed "...some delegates were carrying business cards just for the conference, I guess we can use it in our future MUN's." Calling it as her dream she confessed that she has always used the background guides from the NMUN site as her research work and says, "I never thought that I would a part of this conference so early! Being an observer in this conference was itself a very big achievement in my life!" Praising Alma College, she also says that, "The Model UN Team of Alma College is the best team I have ever seen. They are so hardworking, full of energy and they are always leading the group."

Taking a bite at the big apple, they had an enduring experience meeting 5500 delegates from across 200 countries at the conference. Gushing at his experience at the conference, our eager beaver Rakshit says, "For us, NMUN was a totally different kind of MUN! We can say that because of the debate and the rules which they had and with the support and help given by Sushant Sir, we were able to adjust very easily." Sharing his ideas, he suggests, "Such process, if applied during our MUNs, will surely make us leave a mark in other schools. There were many such things which can be done in our own MUN to create a difference. We all hope that we may again get a chance to attend the next NMUN but not as a shadow but an active delegate and make our school outshine internationally."

Our young world leaders had a lucky chance to visit and stay at the famous ALMA College in Michigan. During their stay they received guidance and support from Dr. Derick Hulme, Professor, ALMA College. Presidians also got a chance to interact and hold knowledgeable discussions with the Model UN Team of ALMA College, which has been declared as an "Outstanding Delegation" at NMUN for 18 years.
The interaction proved to be a wonderful experience in itself as it was more than just debates and discussions between them! There were interesting cultural discussions between Presidians and members of the college's Rotary Club, where they exchanged fascinating anecdotes about traditions in India and the way of life in America!

Going gaga over the knowledgeable yet enjoyable discussions they had, Vinayak quips, "I personally enjoyed this trip and never left the opportunity to learn something new every day. I learnt lot of management skills not only from Alma College but also while living there and packing. I also learnt how to prepare for the MUN conference so that we could perform well..." Putting down his experience in apt words, he suggests, "I also learnt that MUN is not a debating platform in which countries fight with each other in fact it is a platform in which countries unite and negotiate to solve worldwide problems."

Further moving on to the NMUN experience, as a part of the delegate committees, Presidians got an insight into the actual procedure and format followed at the United Nations. Giving a day to day account of the trip, Rushil says "We arrived at New York on the evening of 27th March, waiting with excitement for the NMUN conference which was supposed to start from the 29th. Recalling the exciting trip he further explains his role at the conference and mentions that he was supposed to shadow the Ethiopian Delegation in the C-34 committee for the coming 4 days and on 29th, "all of us were ready in our new suits looking forward towards the coming 4 days which had tons of learning in store for us...", he adds.

Explaining the procedure followed at NMUN, Rushil explains, "On the first day of the conference the chair gave the committee a brief about the agendas and the approach they should follow while making the report which was the committee's main goal." Each delegation was called upon to give their views on those set agendas and to pin point three most important agendas. The committees discussed important international issues such as Strengthening Regional Arrangements in Africa, Enhancing Robust Mandates to Deal with Complex Crisis, Enhancing the Use of Technology in Peacekeeping Missions and more.

Each committee was divided into sub groups to discuss and create a working paper to formulate a draft resolution. The groups later merged their working papers which were sent for final editing from the Dias. Last day of the conference saw delegates giving their closing remarks and heading towards the voting process, which was kept secret due to stringent policies. Following which, the resolution was anonymously passed by the committee. Rushil quickly sums up his experience at the conference with these words, "...these 4 days were truly remarkable and full of learning. On the last day we attended the closing ceremony at the UN headquarters which had some truly inspiring speeches given by some of the people who influence today's world."

Filled with gratitude towards their school Presidium, our shining stars together thanked, Honorable Chairperson of Presidium, Mrs Sudha Gupta, for opening the flood gates of golden opportunities for them through NMUN! In Siana's words "...I am grateful to every single person who's ever been a part of my MUN journey so far and would like to thank them with utmost felicity and glee for helping me being who I am. I certainly believe, my school Presidium has played a prominent role in introducing NMUN into my life..."

Feeling short of words they expressed that they cannot thank their Teachers and Mentors enough for making their dream come true. Like Prarthita says, "I have earned a lot from this conference; friendships, knowledge, love from professor Hulme and his family... I promise you that I will never let you down! I hope to work with them again in PMUN 2015!"

The eventful NMUN sojourn has helped Presidians to develop into future intellectuals. The twelve day trip proved to be an experience of a lifetime for them. With such valuable experience under their belts our potential leaders are all set to make a meaningful difference in this world. 


We believe that each child is unique and is a treasure house of talents. It is our endeavor to provide training, exposure and a platform to help them discover and showcase to the world their talent. With this believe and aim, the Big League Academy organized the Second Inter Presidium Sub Junior Boys Cricket Championship, 2014-15, which commenced on 17th January 2015. Mrs. Pushpa Ratnam (S.P.E - Directorate of Education (Sports Branch) Zone-XI, North West "B") graced the occasion and inaugurated the tournament at Presidium Ashok Vihar. The first match in the series, played between Presidium Dwarka 22 and Presidium Indirapuram, saw a comfortable win for Presidium Dwarka 22. The spirit was high, the air was filledS with enthusiastic cheers, and on display was the true sportsmanship among our players.
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 Presidians of Grade V visited the lake near Puranakila as an excursion of PBL theme Lake. The visit fulfilled various learning objectives such as the understanding of the emergence of lake, learning about man-made and natural lakes, various factors responsible for drying of lakes, steps taken by the government to save the lakes, how the lake water gets contaminated and method of its purification. Students confidently interviewed different people at the venue and gathered information about emergence of lakes and ways to protect it. The visit also contributed in sensitizing the children about the adverse effects of scarcity of water and simple ways of water conservation.


With an objective of providing experiential learning to the students, Presidians of Grade Prep were taken to Air Force Museum to learn about various types of Airplanes under the theme Vacations-Mode of Transport. The students witnessed different types of airplanes to understand their varied usage such as travelling, fighting (military aircrafts) etc. The entire day was full of learning and fun.
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Starting from 14th till 16th November 2013, the grand Presidium MUN conference held at Presidium Ashok Vihar witnessed great zeal among over 200 students of Presidium & other schools of the NCR representing as delegates of the United Nations. The students were seen in high spirits discussing, debating, brainstorming, negotiating, collaborating & co-developing policy options to resolve contemporary global challenges that have made a huge impact all over the world. PMUN was graced with the eminent presence of our Chairperson Mrs. Sudha Gupta and Guest of Honor including Ms. Leslie Hayden, First Secretary of the US Embassy, Professor Sreeram Chaulia, Professor & Dean of International Affairs of Jindal Global University. With their presence and powerful words, the young delegates were inspired and motivated to give their best. All questions of the General Assembly were entertained by the chair of the committee in a very positive way. The enthusiasm and the confidence which was evident throughout the event among Presidians were commendable and lead to a great success of the PMUN.
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Presidians celebrated World Food Day by enacting a story that conveyed the importance of healthy food. Some children personified healthy food items (such as apple, pomegranate, potato etc) and others as junk food (such as burger, pizza, chips, French fries etc). They clearly highlighted the importance of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet and discouraged junk food. Children were also sensitized that they should not waste food as it is earned with great labor. In some Presidium branches, the children were requested to bring cooked chanas and 2 packets of kulchas to distribute to the people who are less fortunate in the vicinity. The food from each class was put together and a bhandara was organized in the school premises. Children came in line and served food to the people. At the end it was very heart touching to hear the sharing of these little children.
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Diwali epitomizes the Victory of Good over Evil. The approaching auspicious day was thus celebrated as a festive occasion in Presidium. A special assembly commemorated with the teacher sharing the importance of the festival. The students then sung a Diwali rhyme Aai Diwali followed by a group dance performance by them. Presidians took up a stand for clean and pollution-free Diwali celebration. Students also presented a small skit to make the children aware about their environment and what they can do to keep it clean. All the classes had the same theme that Diwali must be celebrated with sweets and not with noise.
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Resplendent and excited faces encapsulated with the aura of excitement and pride was a sight to behold at Presidium when it decided to honor and acknowledge the feats of their champions by holding the Prize Distribution Ceremony. Students from Nursery to Grade VIII were lauded for their commendable efforts in various fun and sporting activities. The students were addressed by the Chairperson Mrs. Sudha Gupta and Mr. S.P. Agarwal, Chairman Advisory Board. They were elated to see the enthusiasm and congratulated them on their success. In total 642 prizes and medals were given. The ceremony ended on a high note as it marked a perfect end to a new beginning.
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March 2019
Holi Celebration

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