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Curriculum for Being
Transformation of children through the Curriculum for Being is beginning to show signs. Children having accepted their fears are learning to muster courage to overcome them. They now understand why and how to nurture human bonding. There have been many such discoveries and realizations for children.

In the coming month, children will focus on their relationship with themselves. Through the project 'Being Loving', children will introspect and find out what they love about themselves and what they wish to change. Through activities, children will delve deeper into their mind to understand their feelings and eventually accept themselves with all their strengths and weaknesses.

Clubs and Academies
The Clubs and Academies of Presidium Senior Secondary School will showcase the skills and talents of Presidians in the grand 'Annual Day' celebrations to be held in February. The whole event will be organized by the students of Management Academy. The budding anchors from the Mass Communication Academy will host the show along with their teachers. Each Academy will present a unique innovative idea for which students will rigorously practice with their teachers and respective Academy facilitator.

New Year Bash: Students will welcome 2011 with their teachers and friends by holding a New Year party in January, 2011. After all the fun, children will make resolutions about what they want to accomplish in this year. They will share their resolutions in their class and with you.

Lohri Celebration: Children will have a glimpse of Lohri, the festival of Punjab that is synonymous with bonfire, popcorns, dhol and bhangra. Students will understand how the farmers celebrate the time of harvest by rejoicing together as one big family. 

Republic Day Celebration: The National Flag will be unfurled and the whole Presidium will be adorned in saffron, white and green colour on Republic Day. Parade by students of each of the six clubs will be highlight of the day. Presidians will take a pledge in any one area of their choice where they can and will create a difference to their nation.



Mother's Pride has always set highest benchmarks in the industry and this time around we are proud to contribute to India's Pride by winning Gold Award at Cannes Lions, France, in design category for the brochure 'Love Blossom Here', the biggest award in the World.

Out of the Box, an in-house ad agency of Mother's Pride designed the over scale brochure depicting the ideology of a child. The brochure looks like a book based on the idea that when you are a kid everything looks big.

The jury took a unanimous decision stating that they were highly impressed by the creativity shown by 'Out of the Box' and the brochure was beautifully laid down capturing every child's psychology.



The Academic Excellence Fair is one of its kind annual event of Presidium Senior Secondary School which showcases the academic achievements of the students during the session. The grand event gives the students an ideal platform to explore, express and exhibit their knowledge, talents and life skills. The students representing their clubs, namely Legends, Maestro, Leaders, Elites, Victors and Supreme Clubs, present innovative ideas on different subjects. The students brain storm, create and present their work with the support if experts of the ten academies of Presidium especially the Innovation and Creativity Academy, Sports Academy, the Management Academy. All the students are involved in the planning, execution and presentation of the Academic Excellence Fair.

In the month of November, Academic Excellence Fair was arranged in Presidiums wherein students presented a kaleidoscope of activities for the parents and special invitees. The children showcased - dances of different regions, a live orchestra and a street play on ‘Save Environment’. Parents and children alike enjoyed the experience of creating their own pottery at the pottery corner or creating decorative craft items all of which, could be taken back home with them. The presentation on the Curriculum of Being was unique and greatly appreciated. Some of the most popular exhibits were those on - the Solar System and the NASA, while the IT Zone left all visitors inspired. In the language section, 3D depictions of iconic children’s stories and rhymes were a spectacular sight. The exhibits also had an interactive element to them through games like- ‘Mind-boggling’, ‘Number Cruncher’, ‘Weave-a-Story’, Do-It-Yourself experiments, etc. to name a few.

The students and parents were excited and inspired to see the chairperson Sudha Gupta, who with her charm and presence of mind won all alike and had the children vying for her attention. True to her persona, she made sure that no student was left unheard. 



Celebrating the culmination of a year of amazing work, Marvel Group hosted the awards party at Siri Fort auditorium to acknowledge the wonderful efforts of all the people who have made a difference. The red carpet welcome to the guests was nothing less than an all celebrity Oscar’s award party. Walking on the red carpet already gave an idea of the Big Bang in stored for the day.

Much like every year, the enthusiasm amongst the guests was commendable and gave a new spirit into the aura of the auditorium. The cheerleaders with their props and whistles and our wonderful comparers made sure that the audience was entertained and engaged.

Presidium is a school where teaching is about nurturing the future for tomorrow and while catering our students, our teachers and staff members play a precious role. This is the time to rejoice all the efforts and appreciate their work.

The event started with an interesting presentation by honorable Mrs Sudha Gupta educating all present about the growing graph of Marvel Group in various avenues of education, hospitality, healthcare, infrastructure and more. The aims and visionary of the group is much to applaud for and gave a proud feeling to everyone associated with it. The event continued with the awards and accolades on various segments such as business, academics, administration, IT, accounts, and more. Also the individual brands under Marvel Group such as Adiva, Sparsh and The Knowledge Tree were equally awarded for their efforts to extend the Marvel family to various levels.

Best branch trophy Presidium in All around performance came to Ashok Vihar branch.
Other awarded branches were Indirapuram and Dwarka for Outstanding performance and Appreciation.

Best branch trophy Mother’s Pride in All around performance came in the kitty of Dwarka and Punjabi Bagh.
Other awarded branches were Deepali, Dwarka , Model town and Gurgoan in individual categories of academics, business development, Finance Management, etc.

Best branch trophy Junior in All around performance was awarded to Narela branch.
Other awarded branches were Indirapuram, Rajouri Garden and Krishna Nagar in individual categories of academics, business development, administration, etc.

There were several awards for I-Rise, Long service awards (10 year completion), Best Profiles, and many more. Our anchors kept the momentum and brought a new thrill with their engaging conversations. All this was accompanied with the breathtaking performances by our talented dancers from different Presidium and Mother’s Pride branches, which raised the entertainment quotient manifolds. The best dance performance trophy came in the kitty of Mothers Pride Noida-61.

There was a heart touching performance by the children of Sparsh, an NGO who danced and sang on their favorite music under the guidance of their care-takers. It was an experience which will forever remain in the memories of all, with these little angels making everyone proud and honored for being a human and for being associated with a brand who works for the upliftment of the society.

Stage was set for the Fashion Show organized by ‘The Knowledge Tree’ training academy which brought the spirits of everyone to a new high; the beautiful divas walking the ramp made the event a success. The healthy competition shown by the participants made it difficult for the judges to decide the winner. No wonder “How can you choose beauty, when every woman is beautiful her own way”.

The judges chose Miss Knowledge Tree - as Priyanka Aggarwal from Anand Vihar 
It was all the more special for our aspirants at The Knowledge Tree, it was also the convocation day for the current session and their education with ‘The Knowledge Tree’ training academy; and it was time to step into the world of their own with the learning and skills acquired in the academy. It was another league trained and set free to bring about the transformation of education. Everyone was awarded with their certificates by Mrs Sudha Gupta who profoundly looked proud looking at our uniquely trained batch.

It was all the more special for our aspirants at The Knowledge Tree, it was also the convocation day for the current session and their education with ‘The Knowledge Tree’ training academy; and it was time to step into the world of their own with the learning and skills acquired in the academy. It was another league trained and set free to bring about the transformation of education. Everyone was awarded with their certificates by Mrs Sudha Gupta who profoundly looked proud looking at our uniquely trained batch.

Everything was beautifully taken care of from decorations to arrangements and as the humongous celebration came to an end, it left the memories of another beautiful evening in the lives of many and raised the hopes for many more to come.



The Ministry of Women & Child Development conducted an Essay Writing & Painting Competition in the month of November 2009. In this competition, children from leading senior secondary schools of Delhi & NCR participated.

Presidium, the renowned senior secondary school, held its head high on the day as bright Presidians emerged as toppers of this Essay Writing & Painting Competition in Delhi & NCR.

The painting competition was won by a class II student named Kezia Dhawan from Presidium at Ashok Vihar .She secured first position in this competition. Shreya Mital, a student of class I from Ashok Vihar Presidium, secured second position in the painting competition. Madhav Dua, a student of class V from Ashok Vihar, secured second position in the essay writing competition.

14 Presidians were personally awarded on 6th of April, 2010 by the honorable chief minister of Delhi, Shiela Dixit, at India International Centre.

Presidium bagged the prestigious ‘School Trophy’ for the best senior secondary school in Delhi/NCR for remarkable performance of its students in the competition.



Academic Excellence Fair
Various clubs will compete with each other to lift the trophy in the spectacular show to be held in the month of November. Children will put in collective effort along with their teachers to build models, create presentations, display experiments in various zones like IT, Language, EVS, Creativity etc. The fair would not just be mere showcase of children's in depth knowledge and creativity but an interactive event where parents will get to participate in quizzes and mind games.

Project of the Month- Being Happy  
Smile smile everyday. Smile in a way that it reaches your eyes, lights up your heart, and brightens your world all around. 
A very important part of our 'Being' is staying happy. A happy mind can create and produce miracles. On the contrary, a gloomy soul can never reach out to people or reach bigger heights. Happiness is a state of mind, which is completely in our hands and not dependent on something outside. The students of Presidium Senior Secondary School will be empowered with this unique distinction through a self realization project 'Being Happy'. With the help of a self introspective presentation and activity, children will realize how they can stay happy irrespective of the circumstances.
This Curriculum for 'Being' has been designed to transform the inner self of our children so that they can use their knowledge, life skills and talents to create a happy, successful and powerful life for themselves. 

Diwali Celebration 
Children will experience togetherness as they worship and celebrate with their teachers in the joyous festival of Diwali. The Senior Secondary School will be adorned for the special assembly to be conducted in this month. Children will exchange warm wishes and love with their peers and teachers.

Children's Day Celebration
The birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal, celebrated as Children's Day, will be celebrated with great zest way across all Presidiums. Children will have a blast singing, dancing, and having fun with their teachers and peers, eventually building stronger bond with them.

Guru Nanak Jayanti
A special assembly will be conducted in this month on the auspicious occasion of Gurupurab, the birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Children will offer prayers and get to know about the teachings of the pious guru. 

The Theatre Academy of the senior secondary school will take children into the magical world of puppetry, which they have never experienced before. They will use handy puppets and bring them alive with their voices. Besides learning voice modulation, this exercise will help children explore and enhance their creative skills by generating their own stories and characters with puppets.

Team Building 
The Sports Academy will continue to help children develop team spirit through adventurous games and focused activities like cross river, bombarding, parachute game etc.



The students of Presidium had an experience of a lifetime during their fun filled trip to Singapore in October 2010 as part of the school exchange program with Indian International School at Singapore. The theme of the exchange program was ‘Hope for Peace’. Children from both the schools not only had cultural and educational exchange but also got an opportunity to connect at individual level. 

25 Presidians staged and performed a meaningful play expressing their predictions about disadvantages of rapid nuclear rivalry amongst various countries of the world. They gave a remarkable performance which totally touched the audience. The children from Indian International School ignited the stage with a dance performance on a Chinese song which depicted its culture.

The main aim of Presidium Senior Secondary School behind this entire endeavour was to provide its students a global platform for showcasing their life skills and talents.

Apart from great learning exposure children had uninterrupted fun during this 4 day trip. Students visited prime places such as Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, Chinese Temple, Jurong Bird Park, Sea Beaches and Singapore Flyer. They also enjoyed the enthralling City Tour, 3D Movies, Night Safari, Duck Tour and a rocking DJ Party.



Presidium Senior Secondary School has planned a trip for children to the magnificent tourist destination of the world, Singapore. Students will experience the most delighting part of this trip, the 'International Exchange Program with Global Indian International School'. Presidians will meet the children of Singapore to exchange views and ideas. They will create an everlasting bond with their new friends and cherish it as one of the most beautiful memories of their life. Based on the theme 'Hope for Peace', this program will bring along the opportunity for Presidians to show their talent and love for Indian culture. The children will present a street play and dance performance based on the theme. 

The Presidians will have a 5 nights / 5 days trip to Singapore from 4th October to 8th October 2010. During the trip children will visit many famous places. They will experience some exciting moments at 'Night Safari', 'Sentosa Island' and 'Universal Studios' where they will go for a 'City Tour'. 



Raise the Humanity:
This project is a part of curriculum for 'Being' which is designed to transform the inner self of our children. This month Presidians will discover and experience the power of compassion and goodness through self realization project 'Raise the Humanity'. Children will be touched moved and inspired to be good to fellow beings and live a life of gratitude truth honesty and compassion. If every human being lives to be good to others, imagine the kind of world we will get to live. 

Dusshera Celebration: 
The Social Cause Academy of Presidium Senior Secondary School will spread the message of victory of good over evil among all the Presidians through a special assembly. The Theatre Academy will rouse the spirit of goodness through a sensitive portrayal of 'Ram Lila'. 

World Post Day Celebration: 
The Mass Communication Academy will put up an extensive project explaining the modern means of communication to commemorate the World Post Day. Children will get to understand the meaning and working of e-mail, video conferencing, online chat, bulk sms, mms, online discussion forum etc. 

I am a star: 
The Theatre Academy of Presidium Senior Secondary School will pep up the energy of children while acting and performing through creative activities and games. Children will learn to make use of an object in any form as a prop for acting on stage. 

Dandiya Fever: 
The Dance Academy will train children in the popular folk dance called 'dandiya'. 



Project of the month- Raise the Spirit
The Sports Academy will organize a sports event on the lines of Commonwealth Games for a week. Various activities will be carried out under the project including: 

*A grand opening ceremony will be followed by dance and musical shows by children. Commentary will be given by budding anchors. Interesting activities like passing the baton will be there. The day will be made unforgettable with the Presidium book of Records launch.

 * A smart board presentation on Commonwealth Games will be displayed for children. This presentation will give them knowledge about Commonwealth Games. It will also make them aware of the players and records set by them. There will also be a quiz related to the same. 

* Variety of races and games for all age groups of children will be organized. Winners will be appreciated with medals. 

* Grand finale with a closing ceremony 
Announcement of the records set by Presidians will be done in the closing ceremony. There will also be performances by children, photo exhibition on 'Sportsmen in action' and prize distribution towards the end. 

Photography Workshop 
The Innovation and Creativity Academy of Presidium Senior Secondary School will organize a workshop for children to equip them with the art of capturing emotions and actions in camera. The most captivating photographs clicked by students will be displayed on the closing ceremony of 'Raise the Spirit' event. 

Special Assemblies 

The birth of Lord Krishna will be celebrated with great joy in the formal school. Children will sing Bhajans in reverence to Lord Krishna. They will enjoy pyramid formation for the exciting 'Matki Phod' ceremony. This would be a club activity to be conducted on 3rd Sept, 2010. 

Teacher's Day
A Teacher is every child's best guide and friend. On this Teacher's Day, children will pay a tribute to their teachers. Children will write appreciation notes for their teacher. They will also present a cultural and entertainment program for their teachers. Children will know more about Mother Teresa, the 'Teacher of compassion' on the eve of her death anniversary.

Gandhi Jayanti 
In this month we will also pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi who is one of the greatest leaders of the world and the architect of India's freedom.



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