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Chairperson, Presidium

Mrs. Sudha Gupta is an educationist par excellence and a visionary with a difference. Her expansive vision encompasses children, parents, teachers and the society as a whole. 'To create a better world' is precisely how she explains her vision.

She has done extensive work in the field of education for the past 11 years. With the target to become a strong chain of formal schools to be operational at 10 locations by the year 2020, you'll have endless opportunities to grow in your career. She has propagated the concept of holistic education that focuses on overall development of children namely academics, life skills and talents. To bring the concept of holistic education to formal education, she established Presidium with a unique vision of 'Be what you want to be'.

Being a renowned educationist herself, she knew that only happy and motivated teachers could make her vision a reality. This led to the conception of 'The Knowledge Tree', an academy which imparts new age expertise and skills required in teaching and school management. 'Leaders in education' and not teachers is what she aims to produce.

Sudha Gupta is also one of the nation's most sought after parenting expert. As the chairperson of Mother's Pride chain of pre- nursery schools and Principal of Presidium Senior Secondary School, Sudha Gupta uses her 11 years of experience of dealing with parents and children to pen down some inspiring tips of positive parenting. She has conducted research on thousands of children and parents to reach some very effective methods of parenting. Sudha Gupta has written more than 1000 articles on the subject of parenting in leading newspapers and magazines like Times of India, Hindustan Times, India Today and Femina. She has authored several books on early childhood education and parenting, Celebrate Childhood and Jingling Rhymes to name a few. Her seminars, publications, T.V. and radio programs on parenting have transformed thousands of parents of Mother's Pride and Presidium, her staff of more than a thousand members and over a million of readers and listeners.

Mrs. Sudha Gupta plays another role with aplomb, that of a humanitarian through the NGO Sparsh. The NGO has so far touched the lives of millions of children, the elderly and women who have been victim of life and circumstance. Her next dream is to create a school for mentally challenged children as soon as possible. Mrs. Sudha Gupta's work speaks louder than her words but it is an inspiration for everyone when she says 'I want to leave this world a little better than I found it'.


MR. G.S. MATHAROO Chief Executive Officer

A former Civil Servant Officer in the Govt. of India, who started his illustrious career in the Ministry of Home Affairs, he enjoyed an outstanding service record. His integrity, commitment, hard work and efficiency, brought him to the fore and soon he served as Deputy Commissioner.

His dynamic style of management has led him to specialise in team building, organization transformation, change management, work-force management, marketing communications, service delivery and partnerships.

His commitment to the cause of education is unparalleled, and his vision includes a nation that is educated and self-sufficient.

MR. D. M. SHARMA Director Research and Development

Mr. Sharma is an alumnus of Birla Institute of Technologies and Science, Pilani. A committed educationist, he believes that education enables one to meet the challenges of the ever-changing real-life situations and helps in shaping one’s future. His quest for innovation and excellence in education enables his students to make a mark in their chosen career and contribute to a better world. He sincerely believes that real education lies way beyond books, and when students have good habits, they don’t need rules. Demonstrating a very strong will and a never give-up spirit, he has had an illustrious career of 35 years in the field of education as the H.O.D, and The House Master, The Doon School, Dehradun; Vice-Principal of G.D. Goenka Public School and then as the Principal, G. D. Goenka Public School. Under his leadership the school produced a Delhi Topper in Commerce Stream.

With the zeal to make a difference in the field of education, he believes that character building should be the top priority in education, and for this we need a very strong system of accountability among staff and students. He also believes in creating an environment for students to learn.

His aim is to lead the institution to an unparalleled zenith of perfection. He is committed to expose students to international and cosmopolitan values that will create exciting challenges and exceptional opportunities; and to provide a caring atmosphere to each student, and nurture young minds to embody the values of diligence, commitment and perseverance, along with academic excellence. Some of the core values that he advocates are motivating and counselling the staff towards giving their best; counselling pupils regularly for improvement in behaviour and academics; helping students for all-round education for the development of intellect, manual, aesthetic skills and character; and monitoring teachers regarding interaction with pupils (academic as well as personal). He believes in putting the interest of the students ahead of everything else.

He is a recipient of Dr. Radhakrishnan Millennium National Teacher Award in 2009, and the prestigious CBSE Award for Teacher 2013, in public recognition of his valuable and commendable services rendered to the community for the cause of education as a teacher of outstanding merit.

With his rich experience, multi-faceted personality and qualities, he is sure to lead the school community at Presidium with vision and dedication. His beliefs and vision would be a major source of inspiration, which will thus add to the excellence Presidium is known for.


Dr. Shreesh Bhardwaj is a highly qualified and seasoned educationist with a M.Sc., Ph.D, M.Ed, LL.B, and FICS background. He is a veteran of planning, commissioning and running quite a few residential schools with commendable success in National Capital Region. He has also served as the Principal of Birla Vidyamandir, Nainital and is currently heading Presidium as Director Science.

Sri Bhardwaj has to his credit 25 research papers published in journals of international repute. He won a CSIR fellowship (National Level Selection) for his exceptional research work. Many of his students have produced excellent board results by scoring 100% certificate of merit in CBSE exams. He has been instrumental in organizing many seminars, workshops and conferences for teachers and students on a variety of topics. A large number of students under his able guidance and supervision have been selected in different competitive examinations like Engineering, Medical and NDA etc.

In his extensive career he has many prestigious awards and honours to his credit and has also received the renowned CBSE National award in 2011. He has been a member of a core team to prepare the marking scheme of Class XII Chemistry paper. He was also a member of an expert group to examine the Chemistry question papers of Class XII of CBSE. He has also authored books on Chemistry for class XII, published by M/s. S. Chand & Co. New Delhi.

MRS. PUJA GAKHAR Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Puja Gakhar is a Post-Graduate in English with excellent Academic Credentials and heads the Operations of the Presidium Group of Schools. An extremely dynamic professional, she joined Presidium in 1998 and since than has been intimately involved in shaping all key initiatives.

As Chief Operating Officer, she is responsible for strategic planning and implementation of operational policies so as to ensure system-wide excellence. A natural leader with superior inter-personal skills, Ms. Gakhar mentors teams across all functions and departments at Presidium, including Human Resources, New Business Co-ordination, MIS, Communications etc.

She has been a part of accredited trainings for bringing excellence in her diverse functions. Her energetic & thoughtful decision-making abilities have helped her to contribute enormously in the rapid growth of the organization.

MRS. HARPREET SAHNI Chief Nodal Officer

Ms. Harpreet Sahni has been competently serving Presidium/Mother's Pride since last 13 years. With 10 years of experience in leading administrative functions, Ms. Sahni currently holds the Chief Nodal Officer position for the school.

Being accredited with certified and highly prestigious training sessions, both in the country and outside, she proves to be an individual with equipped knowledge and wisdom. Her proficiency and ability to deal with arduous situations, makes her the perfect leader in the effective streamlining of the administrative functions throughout the branches. With the zeal to excel in all tasks at hand, she eminently takes care of facilities management, inventory control, support and employment of services for various departments. She is also a key contributor in developing annual and long-range plans to support and advance strategic goals for the overall organization.

She has taken commendable initiatives in managing and motivating the members of the staff to yield unmatched output for the betterment of the organization. Being a veteran in the education industry, Ms. Sahni has proven herself to be a dynamic professional, setting exemplary standards for all. She has been an extremely valuable asset to the organization who has already established herself as an ideal benchmark for others.

MRS. RENU KAPOOR Chief Human Resource Officer

With over 13 years of comprehensive Human Resource experience, Ms. Renu Kapoor has scripted the success of the organization by ensuring best recruitments, strategic planning, organizational development, employee relations, staff training etc. She is commendably handling overall Human Resource functions of our premium institutes Mother’s Pride / Presidium.

Ms. Kapoor has embellished her experience in the HR domain by being a part of prestigious trainings and workshops both at national as well as international levels on varied subjects. She has even actively taken initiatives to conduct seminars and workshops for the staff across functions to garner them with the same cognition.

Her proactive approach and integrity has lead corporate project teams, followed by rewards and recognition programs. She oversees and advises leadership team on all HR related issues. She plays a major role in streamlining and improving the orientation and training program to maximize performance of the company. Along with that, she is responsible for direction coordination and admiringly implements strategic objectives, including employment negotiation, compensation and benefits for the company.

Mr. Swaran Jaggi IT Head

A dedicated professional, Mr. Swaran Jaggi started his career 28 years ago as a IT and ITES services expert, and has extensive experience in the field of IT, ITES, administration, operations, training and system support. He has worked with an Indian distributor of ESRI products and conducted GIS trainings for the Survey of India, Space Application Centre, NRSA and defence organizations, and has undertaken various training programs on ESRI products form ESRI’s USA office. He is also a certified instructor of Arc/Info. Result oriented, committed and highly efficient, Mr. Jaggi is known for his passion for innovation and applying technology in meaningful ways.

He has also headed data conversion projects for GIS Application and Consultancy companies. His core competence includes setting up of new businesses and developing methods of efficiency. Highly innovative and creative in his work, he is known for competitive troubleshooting skills.

Technology is a subject that is very close to his heart. He has also published articles like "Rural Land Management and Wasteland Development", "Village Information System (VIS) for development Planning, and “Role of Digitalization in Agro Farming" for some leading publications and magazines.

As a dedicated and result-oriented person, Mr. Jaggi has made a mark in the realm of social responsibility as well. He laid the foundation of JUSTICE SOCIAL WEFARE AND TECHNOLOGY- JUSWANT (a NGO) that introduces and supports technology-oriented projects in rural areas.

At Presidium, his dynamic vision and positive attitude towards work will help the organization realize its long-term objectives effectively and efficiently.


Ms. Sushma Sharma, a passionate professional with over 11 years of rich experience in the field of school education, is responsible for mentoring and facilitating a large and dynamic team of educators.

A Post Graduate with previous experience in the field of education, she joined Presidium in 2004 and since then her contributions have been immense. Her diverse training in Academics at National and International levels has supported her endeavours to establish exciting new benchmarks in Academic Administration.

She is deeply involved in designing systems and processes to ensure effective implementation of the curriculum across the Presidium Schools.

Her focus is on ensuring continuous enhancement of academic rigour and thus ensure that Presidium stays at the cutting edge of excellence. She also guides the Teacher Development programmes across the school ecosystem.

MRS. SHIPRA SHARMA Head Parent Satisfaction

Ms. Shipra Sharma is an accomplished educationist with post-graduate qualifications. She has 11 years of teaching experience and has been associated with Presidium since 2007.

Ms. Sharma has excelled in the diverse responsibilities she has handled from time to time. She is a mature and dynamic professional responsible for strategizing and operationalising new policies and procedures and ensuring extraordinary parent satisfaction across all schools.

Her persona makes her easily approachable and she acts as a single point of contact between school authorities and parents who want to share their suggestions, concerns, perspectives on various related issues.

She is a key member of the higher management team and helps meet long term organizational goals.



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